Rules for Football

The Basics

1. Games consist of two 15-25 minute halves. Overtime will only be granted due to a stop-over due to injury.

2. Each team is made up of 3 to 5 members.

3. From each team, 3 players and 1 goalie can be on the court at the same time, with up to 3 players that can replace.

4. There is no offside.

5. No tackling a player from behind. No bicycle or scissors kicks permitted. This leads to a free-kick.

6. No slide tackling, sliding for interception, or any form of sliding will be permitted.

7. No two against one tackles.


1. Goalkeepers cannot pick up a ball from a direct pass on their back. An intentional direct back pass to keeper will result in a penalty spot kick.

2. Goalkeepers can pick up a back pass if it bounces on the side wall (not including the back wall), or if it bounces on a teammate’s head or chest.

3. Goalkeepers can only handle the ball in the marked semicircle area.

4. The goalkeeper can slide anywhere in this designated box.

5. The goalkeeper cannot drag the ball off the outside of this box and pick it up.

6. The goalie can score a goal from the penalty zone, provided the ball is played on the ground. A throwing goal is not permitted.

Open Play

1. A player in possession cannot carry the ball back for more than two paces in an attempt to earn a free kick from a ‘challenge’ from behind.

2. Players cannot hold onto the nets or the side panels/wall that surround the court.

The Corners

1. If a player carries the ball into the corner circle, opponents may not tackle that player. The player has 5 seconds before they must leave the corner circle or pass the ball. Upon leaving the corner circle, a player cannot return until another player has touched the ball. If the player remains in the corner circle for longer than 5 seconds, possession of the ball will be reversed.

Out Of Play

1. If the ball is thrown off the long sides of the field, the opposition continues to play from where the ball came out.

2. If the ball is thrown on the short sides of the court, a wedge or goal kick is awarded.


1. 1. No one is allowed to run when penalties are applied and standing feet should be grounded at all times. A player’s kicking foot is placed next to the ball at the designated penalty point, and the ball must be kicked in that position. The goal keeper is not authorized to move from the goal line until the penalty shooter kicks the ball.

Free Kicks

1. The opposition player(s) must remain within 2 m of the ball. Only one man’s wall will be permitted.

2. A free-kicker player has 5 seconds or the game will be reversed.

3. A player can shoot right into the goal.

4. A player cannot pass the ball. They have to pass it to a team mate.

5. A player cannot use the net to pass the ball by without a free kick.

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