•  Avoid closing the website window while doing online payments and bookings. 

•  In case you do not receive a booking confirmation via E-mail or SMS, please contact us immediately.

•  Please arrive 15 mins prior to ground booking time.

•  All players are required to stick to their respective slot timings as per booking details. Additional fees may apply in case of delay or extra usage of field/court. 

•  If, due to any unavoidable circumstances, the ground/turf/court is not in playable condition before the match timing, PlayAir team will try to provide some other time slot/venue or complete refund (after deducting payment gateway charges) as per user’s preference. This will not be applicable during mid-game. 

•  No outside coaches, training sessions and parties will be allowed.

•  No external food or beverage will be permitted on site. Smoking and drinking are strictly prohibited in all areas of PlayAir and will cause immediate expulsion.

•  PlayAir and its management expressly emphasize that everyone using the facilities does so at their own risk. It is highly recommended that users consult a physician prior to exercise. Users with a known health problem should consult their physician before taking part in any form of exercise.

•  PlayAir will not be responsible for any injuries or death arising directly or indirectly in connection with the participation of your child, children, team members and yourself at any of our sites & centres.

•  The player has to provide all the right and true information that has been requested. Booking may be cancelled if the information is found to be wrong or false.

•  PlayAir advises all members to play a fair and peaceful game. 


Pandemic Advisory

•  Not more than 20 Spectators or visitors will be allowed.

•  Not more than 10 people at a time, will be allowed on the turf.

•  The ground must be left vacant within 5 minutes after the game.

•  There will be a mandatory thermal check-up and sanitization, at entry .

•  Only online payments will be accepted.